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Happy Birthday Egoisme

We have a lot to celebrate! In just one year, Egoisme Ltd has grown 1596%, We have hired over 50 people, we have set up 7 sub brands and more business partnerships with incredible brands like House of Rfyre, Gabriel, Agape poses, Kmadd, Tigereye, Zeus hair, …Scars…, R.A.Crystal, *chronokit*, Salon de GLOW, Halcali.

We have also started our own fashion agency, Phillip Dollinger is the Agency CCO, and we are going to have more daily news for you all.

The news this month:

– we will randomly give a WHOLE restyle (skin, shape, hair, clothes) to customers that are in sim. This wil happen every day from 1st to 30th november;

– we will give as a gift (only to customers that have bought at least one item) land in mainland sims for free

– we are planning a Fashion week where we want to show you all the new incredible creations by Egoisme and his business partners, with a final exotic party. We will let you know when it will happen!

– We offer to our customers that have rezz day in november a party in our sim, for free, letting you be the Guest Star for a day.

(About land and rezzdays please contact directly Ramses Meredith)

Thank you to support us every day!!

Egoisme Staff