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Egoisme Presents: Fur Jackets

A new amazing collection of fur jackets, easy to wear, resizable and tintable to give the shade you want.. Fit your own style, fit Egoisme Fur Jackets!!! in TEN different fur colours, avaible for men and women.

Available in exclusive in Egoisme sim, in the PRET A PORTER building, third floor.

Egoisme Prestige group members must wear their tag before buying (remember: just LEFT click on the item to pay and receive the item)
Egoisme Prestige members have 25% discount

Want join Prestige Group? click here:

Egoisme now have an exclusive magazine, full of interessing articles and interviews, photoshop lessons and suggestions for your style! What are you waiting for? Look on the web here: http://issuu.com/lustsl/docs/lust or click inworld to the magazine kiosk at Egoisme Main Store!!!!

Fresh look?

Absolutely Egoisme

Egoisme Mainstore

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